Songwriting has been an important part of Inspire from the start. Inspire 1 featured commissioned work by the tutors inspired by the experiences of the people we met. Inspire 2 included a project to professionally record five new songs. Throughout the project, people have come to us with fully formed songs or wee ideas which have been developed by groups or individuals. Tutors and group members have collaborated, and songs have even been created from evaluations.

The Inspire Songbook has collected 35 of these original songs, which express a broad range of emotions and issues. Some highlight individual struggles while others celebrate life and the people who share it. As such they mirror the wide-ranging nature of our project, and illustrate how we have all been inspired by the people we have met on this journey…not to mention the obvious importance of biscuits!

If you’re not lucky enough to have a limited edition print copy, you can download a pdf version here: Songbook.

Click here to listen to some of the songs featured in the Songbook.

The Songbook was funded by Creative Scotland.