Songbook recordings

Click on the links below to hear the tracks on Soundcloud. We haven’t recorded them all yet, so check back for updates! Some are polished studio recordings, others are field recordings made at groups and live events.

We also have other music recorded from the project – click here to listen to Sheena & Darrin’s tracks!

All These Things I’ll Do

Duke Street to Jericho: audio track and YouTube track with slideshow

Each and Every Day

George Sanders and Gypsy Caravans

Hand to Deal

Harbour Lights

Hotel IPCU

I Thought I Had No Voice

If Only

Inspired!: audio track and YouTube track with slideshow

Love Is Just A Little Number

Men of Bethany


She Believed

She Glows Like The Sun

She Makes Me Want To Live

She’s Not Crazy

The Lighthouse Song

The Orchard Clinic Blues

Time and Candle Garden

Tranquil Waters

Twa Fields O Dreams: YouTube track with slideshow (note that the donations website shown is no longer live)

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